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Copywriting -Fausto's Food Palace Key West, Florida

As a well-established, high-end grocery store, Fausto’s continues to remind customers of their prominent Old Town locations, as well as the extensive line of gourmet groceries. “Your Old Town Grocery Store” was written to remind us that Fausto's continues to be an institution in the community. The tag line “Milk and Eggs too!” reminds you to stop by for your daily staples.

This general advertising message became the backbone of the radio campaign. While promoting the overall convenience of everyday shopping, cleverly composed dialogue was written for the radio. Highlighting holidays and special events like weddings and graduation, the creative team at CMA wrote and produced a series of radio spots for all “seasons” in Key West. The setting: a casual conversation between a man and women discussing all the products Fausto’s carried. The message: How Fausto’s provided quality food that made your life easy . For the 4th of July, the female talent proclaimed “ I want my independence from the kitchen”. For Thanksgiving and Christmas, “ Let Fausto’s do the cooking and enjoy the party”. Having complete meals delivered to your home, with wine and beer included could feed “Four to Fifty”. Increased sales and improved customer awareness were the results of this memorable campaign.
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